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I am a graduate of the Institute of Technolgy Tralee, with a BA(Hons) in Interactive Multimedia, where I studied a range of media related subjects, from film, to graphic design, animation, to web design etc.

Art has always captured my attention and I currently work as a freelance artist/graphic designer under RhiCreated: https://www.facebook.com/RhiCreated . Various mediums I use include watercolours, inks, pen, crayon,  acrylics,  digital art (graphics tablet) and essentially a wide variety of media that have piqued my interest.. I have a passion for my area and I am inspired by anything and everything.

I am well traveled, and my travels have brought me a new appreciation and determination to aspire to be as creative as possible.

I also work in Media, particularly web design, graphic design film editing.

Feel free to email me or message me anytime for more information or even just a chat about different techniques.